SkyHydrant Installation in Timor-Leste

Working through Disaster Aid Australia, the Rotary Club of Boronia funded the installation of a SkyHydrant MAX water filter at the ‘Kids Ark’ school in Hera, Timor‑Leste earlier this year.  The SkyHydrant was installed as part of a water supply upgrade project undertaken by Disaster Aid Australia in partnership with Yooralla Living Water Community Development Program.  Funding for tanks and pipes was also provided, thereby ensuring a reliable supply of safe drinking water under the “Safe Water for every Child” initaitive.


Each SkyHydrant MAX unit can provide 10,000 litres per day of clean, bacteria free water for ten years.  That is enough for a village of 700 people or a school with 1,000 pupils.

These ultrafiltration units remove dirt and bacteria from water without the use of chemicals or needing a power source.  They are extremely simple to operate and require the absolute minimum of mechanical devices, such as pumps, in the process.

After ten years the filter performance is expected to fall, and a new membrane will need to be installed.

Further information can be found at either the Disaster Aid Australia or Disaster Aid International websites.


September 2023


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