New Greenhouse for Knox Community Gardens

The Rotary Club of Boronia has donated a new greenhouse, adding to the facilities available at the Knox Community Gardens.  The gardens comprise more than 120 plots that are used by Knox residents to grow their own produce.  The greenhouse will provide additional ‘controlled environment’ capacity, thereby increasing the opportunity for those using the gardens to propagate seeds and/or nurture tender or out‑of‑season plants.

The Club operates two plots at the gardens, using the ‘no-dig’ method; this approach, whereby the soil is not disturbed, allows worms and other creatures to maintain a healthy environment in which the plants can flourish.  Lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, and a variety of herbs are currently being grown.  As the vegetables mature, they are donated to Knox Infolink for use in their breakfast program or distribution amongst the needy in our community.

Supporting our community in a sustainable manner!

May 2023


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